23 July 2007

On the radio, July 24 at 2 pm, ckln.fm

I'm appearing on "In Other Words" tomorrow, July 24, at 2 pm Toronto time. Locally, you can tune in at 88.1 FM. Non-locally, you can listen live at ckln.fm.

Jennifer LoveGrove will be interviewing me about my new book and my various activities and gripes. I'll be reading from recent poetry, fiction, and Hunkamooga columns. I'll also play a demo by Ben Walker from his CD of songs based on my poems. And I'll play some other music, too.

And we'll give away a book or two to folks who correctly answer skill-testing questions.

And that's that.

Over and out.


At July 24, 2007 8:18 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

tuned in and had a lot of fun. j-love probed you pretty good. one among many things i took away is your novel is gonna be great. finish it soon so i can read it. if you don't like bukowski as a writer, try him as a talker (the bukowski tapes). i admit, he's more twisted than you but you're twisted in more of the right places. or are they the wrong places? now i'm confused. this message was translated from the original in greek orthodox russian dressing.


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