13 June 2007

A entry

Tonight I'm hosting a youth open mic at Maria Shchuka Library. Did this particular gig a couple years ago and had a great time. I have to kick off with a short reading, though, and I always agonize about which of my poems are going to connect with teens. Think I might throw in a very short story.

Anne has been visiting from England the last few days. Always great to see her. She tells me tales of all the famous Spanish and Latin American writers who she's translating and hanging out with. Yesterday we did a marathon walk across Queen West, into Sunnyside Park, then back up Roncesvalles. We popped into Type and I was surprised to see Gil Adamson novel The Outlander on the table already. Gorgeous book. It's being launched in Type's tiny gallery space next Friday. How they gonna cram in the crowd that's going to come out for this book? I've only read the first 60 pages, and that was back in an early draft, but it was stunning writing. I think this'll be a really important and brave book.

Anne brought me a cassette with four more songs that Ben has created around my poems. They blew me away. I am more excited about this project than just about anything else to do with my own writing. He apparently wants to do another six or so songs. Can't wait to hear them.

Came up with a title I like for my novel, and I'm hoping that'll give me the impetus I need to finish the sucker. And I want to do that quickly, because a whole bunch of editing work is about to come down the pike. For the longest time I was calling it "The Snowball" and was dreading I'd never come up with anything better.

Much to do today.

Over and out.


At June 22, 2007 3:25 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

nothing wrong with "the snowball"


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