21 April 2007

Sunday's launch!

OK, the countdown for Sunday's launch has arrived.


Kate Sutherland, All In Together Girls
Stuart Ross, I Cut My Finger

Free bandaids will be provided.

Sunday, April 22, 8 p.m.
Clinton's Tavern (back room), 693 Bloor Street West

Contrary to rumour, you will not have to sign a petition in support of Alberto Gonzales at the door.

If you know anyone who would be interested in this launch, please give 'em the skinny on it.


Yesterday, I went over to Coach House, had a great chat with Alana, then picked up the board-bound special editions of the Ron Padgett book, along with the covers, and took them home. Spent a few hours gluing the covers onto the books, then returned them to Coach House for trimming.

Also had to make an emergency trip up to Dufferin and Steeles to pick up copies of my new book from a distribution warehouse. That took me really close to the cemetery where my parents and Owen are buried. Since today is the 12 anniversary (hard to believe) of my mom's death, thought I'd go visit and maybe read them the title poem from my new book, in which they are invoked. But it was Friday — Sabbath — so the cemetery closed early.

SHIRLEY ROSS, February 7, 1929 - April 21, 1995

Yesterday, received an exciting package from New York poet Bill Zavatsky, who was once editor of Sun publications and also put out Roy Rogers, the magazine of one-line poems that inspired my own Peter O'Toole. Thinking I should do a second issue of that mag. Anyway, Bill sent me a copy of an amazing, I mean amazing, 1975 book of his poems, Theories of Rain (Sun). Also, his new book, Where X Marks the Spot (Hanging Loose Press), which I'm looking forward to digging into. It's really weird when you come into contact with these people who had always just been legends to you.

And now, off to Buffalo for a day trip, which will be a nice way to avoid sitting around at home having daymares about no one showing up for the launch. Dana is meeting with a guy who chairs an international new-media curators' group. I'll go off to Talking Leaves, because I haven't bought enough books lately.

Over and out.


At April 23, 2007 4:17 am , Blogger Linda Crosfield said...

So? How did it go? I'll bet it was awesome. Looking forward to getting my hands on a copy. If you're going to be around Nakusp at the beginning of June, there's gonna be a little writers' festival: http://spiritofwriting.blogspot.com

Big congrats on the new book!


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