14 August 2006

Run for Your Life, starring Ben Gazzara & Evalyn Parry

So tonight I went to Supermarket, where Evalyn Parry was playing. I like the way she has a's where you'd expect e's in her name. Also, I like her singing, her songwriting ... and even her spoken word. Plus she's a really nice person.

Anyway, it was a short set, because she was opening for someone else. The first song didn't work too well for me, partly because the sound was muddy, but after that everything was great. My favourite phrase in her set was "bell hooks books." Evalyn performed a really sweet song called (I think) "We All See Stars" and a freaky stalker song called (I think) "Stop Following Me." Her lyrics are so smart. Oh, and there was a first-person thing about a Soo sailor named Dave. She explained that Dave had basically dictated the whole song in a parking lot up there in the town that trapped Karl Jirgens for too many years. Well, she didn't mention Karl Jirgens.

Nice to bump into Chris Warren at the show. Chris is a really good songwriter too. I wish he'd been playing tonight. But he didn't. And after Evalyn's set, the next guy up was so earnest, grinning, and practicedly pigeon-toed, that I had to run for my life.

Over and out.


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