18 May 2006



for DS

This brilliant image
in the tiny square
of a video screen
hovering before
my beet-red face.
This calming warmth.
This tender question
raked through my wiry hair.
This precise outrage
of ingenious surprises.
You walk forward,
your sonic beauty
cutting through an
auction of flames.
The man onstage
puts his perfect viola
to his chin,
and I cram catastrophe
into the farthest corner
of the universe. Affection
is a street named after you.
I dream of being a breeze
through your window.

17-18 May 2006


At May 18, 2006 7:23 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I kid you not. I'm just now listening to Percy Sledge, "when a man loves a woman" (it's on the radio, I don't actually listen to sad sappy love songs), and just happened upon your blog and this poem. ha.

Nice poem.

Thanks for the Denver news. I'll really have to go look for myself sometime. I imagine those scenes to be haunting. I went to Germany once and got off a train station at midnight and there were no lights--and a big ole empty train cart across from me with the German eagle on its axle. Spooky. I imagine interment camp would be just as spooky.

I will check out Margot. Thanks for the tip.

word verfication: dirhet. Sorta like dinette, or diarrhetic.


At May 21, 2006 12:06 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I meant to say Hartog, not Margot. This may be proof of some sort of schizo-dyslexia...

I also meant to say internment. Where's the blog spell checker when you need one.

At May 26, 2006 2:29 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

btw stu
"slow dazzle"
brilliant combo of sounds
wish i thot uv m


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