01 December 2005

No New York

My memory, at best, is always foggy, but I recall a punk album from the '70s called either No New York or No New Wave. Anyway, I was hoping to go to New York next week, planning the visit around the launch of Kenneth Koch's collected poetry and fiction books at St. Mark's, but I was stunned to find that there are no hotel rooms available within my budget (under US$100). I tried the Murray Hill, the Carlton Arms, the Second Home on Second Avenue, and others. Nothing. I guess I've just been really lucky on my two previous trips.

Oh well. Next year.

But what I Iiked about this event was that it was the closest thing I'd probably ever get to an original New York Poets event. Even though Kenneth Koch is dead. (As is James Schuyler and Frank O'Hara. John Ashbery is the last man standing. There is some argument that Barbara Guest is the last woman standing.)

I'm going to try a little more to figure something out.

Over and.


At December 01, 2005 1:35 pm , Anonymous jen said...

re NYC hotels - did you try expedia.ca? I've had good luck with that, and preliminary search found some under $100 - but I don't know what area or dates you were looking for... good luck!

Sounds like a great event - hope you get there.

At December 01, 2005 3:10 pm , Blogger Weldon Gardner Hunter said...

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