25 December 2005

Menorah and menorah and menorah

Been an eventful time, but I haven't much felt like blogging.

Recent events:

The 20th anniversary party for CineAction magazine at Robin and Richard's place. That apartment was for a long time such an important site in my life. Lill and I used to live just a block away, and that was when we were taking film theory courses with Robin up at York. Hadn't been there in probably a decade or more, and hadn't seen R&R in years. I always love seeing them, although I do find Robin a bit intimidating, in that "do I have anything interesting enough to say to him?" kind of way. But he was in great spirits, and very funny the other night. Many people in the gathering were gushing about what a big influence he's been on them, and that's certainly the case for me too. He was embarrassed by the attention, but probably happy as well. He's really an amazing person. And Richard's great too: he and I share a love for Kim Novak, and he told me about his real-life meeting with Kim at a film festival in Rochester last year. I was very happy for him: he said Kim was warm and gracious.

Also recently, Dana and her new friend Risa threw a latke party at Dana's new place. Just a small gathering, but really nice. And the latkes were spectacular! Dana and Risa each have their own latke strategy: Risa's are more consistently round and solid, while Dana's are a little fluffier and have little dishevelled potato strands sticking out around the edges (sort of like cut-off jeans; I called them Daisy Duke Latkes). Both were equally good, though. Neither were how my mom used to make them, but I still had heaps of each. The condiments offered: apple sauce, sugar, and sour cream. When I was a kid, we did sugar. Mainly I stuck to a light dollop of apple sauce on each little latke this time around.

An unbelievably social week too, and maybe far too social considering how much I have on my plate before Chile. Visits with Kevin, Sandra, David McF, Lisa R and her little baby, Doug from the MTO days, Hugh, and Camille. I feel like I haven't really seen many friends lately, so it was good, but hectic. Ran into Derek McCormack in the Annex, and he said he was looking forward to January, when his Christmas book would disappear. What a card. Exchanged many messages with Mary, but no time to visit; she's consumed with work and family.

Feeling very distant from the poetry "community" at the moment, but that's OK. The distance is needed. I was feeling like I might self-destruct.

Saturday I spoke to my brother, Barry, for the first time in many months. It was a great relief, as I've been anxious about our estrangement. We're going to get together on Tuesday. That would make my parents happy, and Chanukah, which starts Sunday night, is a good time for that.

For sure.

Over and out.


At December 25, 2005 1:58 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At December 26, 2005 4:10 am , Blogger Laurie said...

Wow, Chile, New York, Wow -

Latkes sound like German kartofflepuffers, also good with applesauce.

May we all come together in starches & otherwise, this season & all.

Happy Hanukkah!

At December 28, 2005 8:53 am , Blogger torontopearl said...


Happy Chanukah to you. And now...

A little Chanukah "jewku" for you:

Chanukah is here
The menorah burns brightly
Latkes I eat -- YUM!


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