04 November 2005

YYZ is no Bush White House

I feel way better this morning about the YYZine fiasco.

Received a very and comprehensive apology from Shannon via email, and from Gregory I got a phone call in which he assumed responsibility and pledged to do what he could to make amends: he recognizes an erratum in the next issue doesn't fix everything, but I think it's a great gesture.

I really appreciated that neither of them made excuses, and that they recognized how serious the errors were. Unlike the Bush White House, which I only mention because I've been obsessed with it for a couple years now, S & G took responsibility and admitted to their errors.

I'm actually suprised at the relief I feel. I feel sad about the presentation of Dead Cars In Managua, though I hope it will have a more proper life somewhere else again in the future, but the anger, humiliation, and hurt I felt has vanished.

In fact, I think I'll go to the opening tonight.

In other news, I pitched Camille Martin to the Lexiconjury gang and there seems to be interest. She's just moved here from New Orleans and I would love to hear her read: really interesting poet and very nice person. Pal of Joel Dailey, the New Orleans (well, I guess now formerly New Orleans) poet who publishes Fell Swoop. I thought a reading at the Lex would be a nice welcome for her.

I'd have loved to set up a Yammy/Kat Biscuits! reading for her, but those just take too much out of me. And if the attendance was sparse, it wouldn't be much of a welcome.

Over and out.


At November 04, 2005 6:17 pm , Blogger a.rawlings said...

yeah, i hear you on event organization taking a lot out of a person. it's a wonderful gift to offer the community, no doubt. and very self-gratifying to see a job well done and get to experience excellent readings. can be hard to keep up the pace of organizing things month after month, year after year, especially when life's happening at all moments and in all corners.

we've enjoyed the hiatus summers at lex, just as a chance to regroup. for awhile, my summers were kicked into high volunteer and organization gear with the scream, but, again, it takes a lot of dedication and focus, and a lot of "other life gigs" can be shelved in the process. hence my 2-year+ sabbatical from the scream!

At November 06, 2005 11:58 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

in defense of the bush white house...

damn. there's nothing intelligent, honest, apologetic or convincing to say.


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