17 November 2005

The Spleen of a Poet

Last night was the launch party for the Heart Of A Poet TV series. I didn't go. It was only last week that I finally was able to settle my contract woes with the producers. After six or so weeks of acrimonious emails back and forth, I got what I asked for in the first place, and I wonder why we had to go through all that crap. It was so stressful. And it wasn't even about money. I didn't get any and I didn't ask for any. I had told them in September that I was happy to sign away rights to the work used in the TV broadcasts of the show, but that I would like to negotiate use in any other medium separately. Because the release they originally sent me said they could use my work forever, in any form, edited any way they wanted. Seems like a foolish set of rights to give away.

Meanwhile, I still haven't watched my episode. I feel so sour about the whole thing. I feel disrespected.

An apology from them would have been nice, and still would. Maybe I even would have gone to the launch. As it is, I didn't feel much like celebrating. After all that emotional energy the contract tussle sapped from me.

But on to other things....

Like, an hour and 6 minutes from now I'm to be at Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute, where Katherine Parrish and Youth Scream have organized an all day event called Going To Press, with a small press fair, workshops, and a keynote speech from me. Delivered on less than three hours' sleep!


Over and out.


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