17 September 2005

Birthday Boys

Yesterday was my father's birthday. He would have been 80 years old. When he died, 76 didn't seem so old, but 80 seems old. I wish he was still here, though. I really would have loved to have watched Beyond The Sea with him.

Tomorrow is my brother Barry's birthday. Let's see... he will be... 55, I think. I haven't spoken with him in two months. I'd better call him. I don't think he would enjoy Beyond The Sea.

My brother Owen would have been 51 this year, I think.

My mother would have been 75 or 76.

I only got halfway through Grade 10 math.

Over and out.


At September 17, 2005 1:39 pm , Anonymous rox. said...

i remember when i thought 13 was old. then when i turned 25 i realized i was old. youth gone. now i'm 52 and my old man is 85, i believe age is relative. we live until we die and leave others to sort out the math. who knows how long anyone has? perhaps i'm in age denial. yet i find reflection on mortality enhances life. makes that last breath i took just a sweet as the first. rage on.

At September 17, 2005 2:29 pm , Anonymous rox. said...

i liked "beyond the sea" but felt
"the sea inside" was incredible.

At September 18, 2005 9:08 pm , Blogger gary barwin said...

There's that sad but lovely line by Philip Levine (the last line of "Letters to the Dead" in his book "1933")--

"even the dead are growing old."

At September 21, 2005 9:07 am , Blogger torontopearl said...

Hi Stuart --

Nice-lookin' blog you have... I'll check you out again.


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