11 August 2005

An Innocent in Cuba

Yikes! I've got to leave shortly for Centauri and I still have a million things to do!

Just this, though: went to the launch yesterday for David McFadden's An Innocent in Cuba (buy many copies!), and it was a really nice, cozy event. Among those there: John Barlow, Sharon Harris, Nicky Drumbolis, Victor Coleman, Sam Andreyev, Lynda Curnoe, Dana Samuel, Stan Bevington, Kate Van Dusen, Gord Phinn. David's oddball and humble remarks were wonderful — just remarks, though, no reading from the book. Was that his choice?

Gotta run!

Over and out.


At August 15, 2005 8:09 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was sort of an oddball evening if you catch my drift.
Also I was too proud not to be humble.
"The world needs a wash and a week's rest."
- W.H. Auden, "The Age of Anxiety."

At August 20, 2005 3:43 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

They suggested that given the layout of the place it would be better if I didn't read and it diddnt hurt my feelings one little bit.

At July 12, 2007 7:56 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

David McFadden,
I would love for you to read at the library branch that I work in!

Your book " An inncocent in Cuba" was fabulous.

Pls check with McClelland & Stewart as I emailed them for a request that you come to our branch.
Hope to hear from you soon,


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