16 August 2005

Centauri of the universe

Centauri is going great. I've got 17 kids in my programme, a huge variety of personalities and writing interests, but they all seem very into it. My two "electives" also went really well: "Everything But The Book" and "Sound Poetry Choir."

I'm more comfortable than I thought I might be here: as the newest programme director, I'm like a new kid at the camp. But the other kids are making my integration as easy as possible.

Today was a day off: another programme director and I hit Grimsby for the afternoon. A great time: the curried lentil soup at the Smiling Dog Cafe was a nice reprieve from the decent but unexciting meals at camp. The thrift store on main street offers paperback books for 10 cents and hardcover for 25. Found some amazing things there: James M. Cain, Flannery O'Connor, David Suzuki, and a pulp-paperback biography of Jacqueline Suzanne that I'll have to give to Lynn Crosbie.

There are crickets everywhere. Crickets everywhere. Crickets everywhere.

Over and out.


At August 18, 2005 1:32 am , Anonymous rox. said...

ode 2 allure

each spring the symphony
of crickets pulses with fervor

one vibrates his antennae divinely

her long lean legs serenade
with intoxicating rhythm

her perfect pitch entices him

to fly cross country
for a moonlit marathon rumba

merge with her humid aria

fall deep into her lyrical pheromones
seduce and capture each other

until they solo together


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